Api-Api Centre Panorama, Kota kinabalu

Fire! Fire!  From Ashes to New Dawn.

Api-Api Centre Panoramic View ©

Api-Api the local word for fire. Api Api was the name given to the state capital of Sabah (North Birneo) in the early 20th century before it was officially called Jesselton by the British colonial administration. Now officially renamed as Kota Kinabalu city centre.  

To confuse you even more, the city is still affectionately referred to as Api by the local Chinese for reason, I think, of sentimentality.  

This fairly recent shopping centre, Api-Api, is so named after the former tiny little town. Shops in & around  Jalan Pantai (Beach St) can be regarded as the true & proper town of Api-Api in its former heyday(s).  That includes Jalan Gaya (Gaya St- Bond St formerly) as well. Thought you might like to arm with this tidbit of info while you are in KK. 

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