Sabah Port @ Sunset

Port of Yesteryear

Sabah Port and Islands ©


Sabah Port KK was the main shipping port for the city of Kota Kinabalu in years past. It is now slated for re-development with shopping centre (again) and cruise harbour the main blue-print for the site. I can hear more groanings from my foreign friends- “What? More shopping centres with empty shops?” Yep! We love shopping malls here with no particular reasons despite the tiny population we have here. We are quite taken in with the air-conditioned space provided for our leisurely stroll. Another place for us to loiter about, basically. Heaven!   

Yeah, you are right, an entertainment hub with top-notch water sports facilities and convention centre catered specifically to tourists would have been the more appropriate choice. But I am no town planner for the city, so no dice! We are quite stuck in our old ways of thinking here. We just copy what other places are doing with the local media expressing no dissenting views whatsoever. Whatever the local politicians/officials say, we just go along with it. That includes leading us to hell!   

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