Murut Shaman of Borneo

In the Reverie of a By-gone Age

Murut Shaman in a ritual dance action in communion with spiritual ancestors.

It was quite horrifying looking at the ‘coconut’ skull. Could do better than that, quite honestly.

Shaman ©

The high-priest of North Borneo.

A re-enactment of an age long gone. I couldn’t confirm one way or the other if this ritual dance is still being practised nowadays, even with the coconut skull in place of human skull. I doubt it very much.

Skullduggery ©

* shot during Sabah Fest @ Sutera Harbour

* You can get to know more on this during the Tadau Kaamatan (Harvest Festival) at KDCA centre, Penampang, Sabah, 30/31 May, 2010.

* Bring with you local tour guides since most programmes are in the local lingo- even I sometimes have trouble understanding.

More images of People, Events, Ikons, Humanities here;






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