Landscape of Suria KLCC

KLCC, The Pride of A Former Leader

Not to be confused with the Suria Sabah of North Borneo.   


Suria KLCC is the first shopping complex to go under the name ‘Suria’. For whatever reason the one in Sabah also goes by the name ‘Suria’ is beyond anyone’s comprehension. For lack of imagination, I suppose! Quite embarrassing being a Sabahan, really.

Landscape of Suria KLCC ©


And yet we celebrate for winning a court case for the right to use the name ‘Suria’. If I had my way I would sack the lot of them for embarrassing us Sabahans.   

Suria KLCC is in Kuala Lumpur, for your information. Suria KLCC is the one with the Petronas Twin Towers- not shown on picture. This is the landscape/cityscape in front of Suria KLCC.   


For other images of Places & Panorama, go here:   




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