Panorama of Centre Point & Asia City

In the South of the Border KK Town

A panorama of  KK City South    


30 or so years back, I think, this would have been a seascape. As it is now, this is a cityscape.     

Panorama of KK City South


This tableau would be the first thing that will hit upon your visual sensory as you enter upon KK (Kota Kinabalu) city centre from the KK International Airport.     

The square box building on your left is the Centre Point Shopping Mall. Opposite, on the right, is Asia City shopping centre. Not quite sure what exactly Asia City is. Haven’t visited the place for donkey’s years. Boring!    

Anything before this point is inconsequential. Wawazan Plaza is spoilt by the view of the flyover monstrosity. And the flyover is one of a kind in the world- peculiarity. It has only one single directional traffic flow which clearly explains why it does nothing to ease traffic congestion.  Api Api Centre is tucked away by the trees lining along the road. Enjoy the tree-scape while you can, though, as not many trees are dotted around beyond this point.    

Star City North? Shops? What shops? And then why it is called ‘North’ is beyond me.    

More images here:    





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