Chinese New Year- Lion Dance

Plucking the Greens for a Prosperous New year 舞獅 採青

It’s that time of year again. Lions are out and cymbals are clanging to usher in a new prosperous year. Return of Spring to the Great Mother Earth.

Lion dance at Independence Field (Padang Merdeka), Kota Kinabalu. 22/01/11.

*You may wish to enlarge the image for a better view.

舞獅 採青 ©

Note: No promise you will witness any lion dance in KK over the Chinese New Year period. In South East Asia, Sabah has the best lion dance performances as the strenuous dance manoeuvrings are usually performed by the local natives who are obviously more enthusiastic, better suited and more agile to this type of acrobatic activity. Contrary to your belief (misperception), the one at the back of the lion is the main action man. He does all the manoeuvres.


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