Wawasan Plaza

Optical Illusions for the Vision 2020

A visage of the state enterprise shopping mall.

There’s something to be said about state enterprises all over the world. One big disappointment all round. Exceptions can be made for China’s & Singapore’s state enterprises.

Wawasan Plaza ©

Wawasan is translated in English to mean vision. The shopping mall, I believe, is named in honour of a former Malaysian political leader . Vision or optical illusion? You decide. Not much to shop in it.

Another point is also needed to be made here. Why is it that Sabah keeps erecting buildings without any characters? Not aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, to be quite candid. One only has to drop in at Kuala Lumpur or Singapore to witness lots of magnificent buildings dotting the skylines. All new building complexes coming up in Sabah are just plain dull- just like square boxes being dumped in the middle of god-forsaken sites. Suria Sabah is the latest shopping complex to go online, but still exhibits that  same old looking 80’s style. Prosaic!  Wisma Great Eastern in Gaya Street is one that I would call a building with character. Great thoughts and loving care have been put into the design process despite the environmental constraints. But then again, the building was commissioned by a Singaporean company. Playing catch-up to nowhere we are. Really hard to capture the essence of architectural buildings in Sabah.


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