Journey to the West- Ling San Temple

Chronicle of a Westward Pilgrimage


Xuanzang and his disciples in the legendary travel to the West (India) in search of spiritual enlightenment.

A depiction of the monk’s pilgrimage as rendered in the Ling San temple (miao), Tuaran, Sabah.

Chronicle of a Westward Pilgrimage ©

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Here’s a bit about Chinese culture:

Ling San Temple is a Chinese folk religion place of worship- loosely equivalent to a Taoist (Daoist) temple. In Chinese linguistics, there is a big difference between a Buddhist temple (Si) and  a Chinese folk religion temple (called Miao), and a Miao can be further distinguished from a Daoist temple. Chinese folk religion and Daoism are regarded as the indigenous Chinese religions. Buddhism is the trans-migrated religion from India. To take the matter to a higher plane of confusion, in some Chinese folk religion temples the Buddha is also venerated and worshipped to.  Shintoism, the Japanese version, is also regarded as somewhat equivalent to Shenism (Chinese folk religion). In the strictest sense, as defined in an English dictionary, Chinese folk religion may not even be regarded as a religion at all. I think that may be what makes a Chinese a very practical person. Anything goes for him. The more I dig, the less I understand Chinese culture. Confused? So am I.


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