Journey to the West- Zhu Bajie

Marshall of the Heavenly Tumbleweed

That’s the heavenly military title of this little piggy went to the market. That really put me in a stupor. He was one of the disciples of Xuanzang.

Mr. Piggy Bank is one of the fictitious characters in the Chinese epic novel, ‘Journey to the West‘.

Zhu Bajie at Ling San Temple ©

The dramatic scene of the tale of Journey to the West can be viewed at Ling San Temple, Tuaran, Sabah.

This concludes the “Journey to the West”  serial. The character that’s been left out in this serial is Shah Wujing– not that he is an inconsequential figure in the story. It is that I forgot to take a portrayal of him. Food must have been in my thoughts at the time. I must branch out into food reviews in future. Sure, wherever I go, I always plan the journey with food in mind the utmost. A gastronomic journey of sort. This is the gripe from my other half, incidentally.

A man without food is a man without substance. That’s my philosophy in life.


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