Sailing at Pantai Dalit

Money Talks

If you are loaded, here’s one place you should visit.

Pantai Dalit is a seaside resort going by the name of Rasa Ria in the Tuaran district of Sabah. How the name Dalit came about is really a Chinese puzzle to me. Quite positive it has nothing to do with the Indian word dalit. However, if you are feeling generous enough one sunny day, do drop by at the resort and have a whale of a time for yourself. Be prepared to break an arm and a leg through doing so. I never said it was cheap. Did I?

Click to enlarge the image. There’s always some degradation to the image when viewed through WordPress blog- don’t know why.

Sailing at Pantai Dalit ©

Now you know what it’s like to be rich.

Tips for the day: Cloudy days may just afford you the luxury of roaming the beach without a care. On a sunny day, you will be roasting under the sun unless you are a mad-dog Englishman. Then be my guest.

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