Fountain of Perdana Park

Fountain of Youth

A new attraction at the latest park in Kota Kinabalu.

The fountain displays a sequence of shooting patterns.

Transfixed by the shooting spouts.

Fountain of Perdana Park ©

Perdana (Prime) Park is the latest addition to a collection of Sabah garden parks. It is more a joggers’ park than a garden park. A dancing fountain is also incorporated into the park as a tourist draw.  All fountains are only in operation in the evening starting at 7. Not bad for a free-to-enter private/public amenity park. How long would the park stay in the top nick condition is my main concern. Maintenance culture is not exactly our forte. Dancing fountain is the main main attraction. Hope to show you in a future post.

Perdana Park is located at Tanjung Aru- just after the town and Tanjung Aru Plaza. Further along there is a beach for your leisurely stroll. Google-map it for direction.


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