Twilight of Tanjung Lipat

Here in the after-glow of day

Tanjung Lipat Twilight Splendours.

Along the KK Coastal Highway on a northward journey, here you shall meet the splendours of twilight.

Tanjung Lipat Deepening Shadows of Splendours ©

Tanjung Lipat is on the northward-bound coastal carriageway of Kota Kinabalu. Some sections of the carriageway itself were once part of the sea. Not with certainty when the carriageway first came into being. I think it was in commission during the late 70s or early 80s. There was a cliff on the first section of the road from KK, I think. It is now but gone. Cliff is a rarity in KK  In fact, I don’t recall ever having seen a cliff in or around KK.

It once was a lovebirds’ oasis and still is for some diehards. But you now have to endure the intolerable traffic noise that comes with it. Many angling enthusiasts still frequent this stretch of the road at weekends.

Tanjung Lipat has now lost some of its former appeals. It now becomes a high traffic density carriageway.

I would consider Tanjung Lipat as part of KK city centre, so it is relatively easy to get to. Just ask for direction or Google map it.


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