Segama and the Esplanade

SegamA- the Golden Triangle of Kota Kinabalu

Metaphorically speaking, Segama Complex Shopping Centre was a golden triangle for its prime rental rates during the 90s.

It has, however, now outlived its long-lasting lustre.  During the peaks of its golden era it was said to command a prime rental rate of 8000 ringgit per month just for the ground floor shop lot facing the Millewewa supermarket. I believe those were the go-go years then. The place has now fallen by the wayside. Modern and more environmentally conducive  shopping centres/malls are now sprouting up all over KK, especially on the outskirts of town.   The crown jewel is now giving up the crown but may still possess the sparkle yet. It is still, nonetheless, a favourite shopping place for many locals, especially for those in search of good bargains. Like they say, every dog has its day. But not today, sorry.

A full frontal view (nothing whatsoever to do with girlie magazines) of the old beauty of Kota Kinabalu.

Segama Waterfront ©

In recent years a teeny weeny esplanade has shot up at the back of the shopping centre. It was meant to be another place for locals and tourists alike to rendezvous and admire the dazzling sea view, especially during sunset time. Alas, it was not meant to be. During the day time the place is completely deserted. The reason is not hard to find. No shades or trees (teeny weeny ones) were anywhere to be found. Not all of us are mad-dog Englishmen, you know, especially when you think about the tropical heat. However, when the night falls, that’s when the place comes alive. Youngsters are congregating and loitering around the place. So it’s still a no-go area in the end.

Maintenance is a real issue here. There are evenings when the place is not lit up. So you are strolling along in complete pitch darkness. And the boardwalk (catwalk) looks like it is in desperate need of a fresh new coating.If properly looked after, the place can be a goldmine. Events can even be held here too, which in turn can help spruce up Segama as that in itself will help generate more business revenues for the surrounding shopping areas. I am sure the golden years may yet come back once again if innovative plans are implemented correctly.

Should you notice the dark cloudy day, you must be a very perceptive person, I must give you that. Sorry, nothing to say to that. Silence is golden.

FYI: Segama Shopping Centre is located in the city centre of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


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