Ranau Town

Highland of Paddy Field

A stop-over town in the interior of Sabah.

Ranahon, in the local Dusunic speech,  is the original name of the town.  Ranahon is taken to mean paddy field- so according to Wikipedia. Over the years it was eventually shortened to the present name Ranau. The famous Mount Kinabalu can be observed from here (as shown in the picture). On a clear morning you may like to get up early and observe the mountain eerily coming into view as the sun rises.

Ranau Town with Mt. Kinabalu in view ©

Ranau is in fact a very small town with not much to see. It is a stop-over town for those on the way to Poring hot springs or to the East Coasts such as Tawau or Sandakan. 30 minutes are all you need to complete a tour of the town. Short and sweet. Surprisingly, some parts of the town are squeakily clean, unlike Kundasan town. Yeap, you’ve got to take pride of your own town.

Ranau the laid-back kind of town ©

Some pointers for your stay in Ranau

Eating out: Prices in Ranau are like those in the big towns except you get a smaller portion for the same price, especially in the evening times when not many restaurants are open. Take it or leave it, and go hungry.

Mist or fog: early mornings and evenings occasionally. So the weather can be quite nippy at times as Ranau is situated at an altitude of 1176m above sea level. As the sun breaks out and towards the afternoon, it can get quite stifling hot.

Warm clothing: if you are from a tropical place, be sure to bring them with you. If you are from a temperate region, well, it’s spring time for you.

Stop-over: that’s what I always do.

Christmas: spend a night at the place to have a feel of that nippiness and misty evening (no guarantee, though) like they do in the temperate countries. Christmas won’t be Christmas without that Winter Wonderland feeling. Isn’t that right, love?

For more information, try Wikipedia.


One response to “Ranau Town

  1. Hi, nice info about Ranau. I just want to correct about the altitude of the town. I found out on Google Earth that Ranau is actually lower than 1176m stated in Wikipedia. The actual altitude is roughly about 500+ m from sea level. But, the weather is still cool though especially in the mornings and wet season.

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