River Moyog, Kasigui

Country Living In Pictorial HDR

Taking a fresh look at the Moyog River, Kasigui. This time in surrealistic high dynamic range.

A roughly done-up and heavily retouched copy of an old photograph of Moyog during the sunset time. Yo, those were the good old days, now seem to come in few and far between.

Kasigui Countryside ©

The town, if you can even call it that, of Kasigui consists of only 3 shops, but they are mostly non-functionary (functional). Nearby, about a mile or so away, there is the town of Donggongon, which is quite modern but at the same time in a rundown state & a shambolic kind of place. Quite a contrary town in all senses of the word. If you have ever watched movies set in a Latin American town, then you shall know what I mean. Arriba! Arriba! Arriba!

Tucked along this stretch of the river is the Kasigui where you still can find a semblance of the country-style living in modern time. Kadazans, the happy-go-lucky native inhabitants, many of whom live in this district that they affectionately call Penampang- not to be confused with the Malay word ‘penumpang’. Penampang is somehow taken to mean ‘big rock’, so I was given to understand. True or not is not that important to me. The proof of the pudding is in the taste (eating).

Incidentally, there is also a wooden suspension bridge nearby. Tons of pictures of it have been taken. I thought the better of it and decided not to go with another one added to the big wide web to clutter up the spider web .

Another ‘common peculiarity’ to look out for once you enter into this countryside dominion is the considerable number of local inhabitants with mixed heritage- Sino-Kadazan. Oftentimes, I get into a state of confusion. Those that appear quite Kadazan looking would start conversing in a local Chinese dialect with their friends. And vice versa is happening as well. I think the Philippines is another exotic place that displays this ‘common peculiarity’.  Bafflement is the understatement of the year!

Generally speaking, as you travel further away from the town, the rural backdrops tend to be set in wondrous scenic settings. So, why not give it a whirl and hire a private car taking in all the rural landscapes of Penampang?

* Should the picture remind you of an olde English countryside, plenty of that where that comes from.

** Common peculiarity? Figure that one out yourself.

*** That was a fact-finding tour of Kasigui and Donggongon towns. What was expressed in this article is entirely a personal opinion of mine. A self-opinionated kind of guy that I am. Go looking for troubles.

**** This is a low resolution and roughly done-up HDR image. Copyright is still nonetheless reserved.

—-Holy Week—


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