Easter Sunday- Sacred Heart Cathedral

Resurrection of Christ- Salvation and Redemption

Amazingly, there is an unofficial {Station XV} depicting the risen Christ- the day Jesus rose from the dead- at the Sacred Heart Cathedral. The reason I said it was unofficial as this is the statue that has not a plaque stating explicitly that it is the Station of the risen Christ.  And as well in the traditional description of Stations of the Cross , there is no actual mention of the station of Resurrection of Christ.

Before you rush headlong to continue with your reading journey

This is the third instalment of the Passion of Christ narrative. In order to  follow up the story in its entirety and  logical sequence you are best advised to read up the previous two posts, here and here, first.


Regrettably, so far I have not come across any sculptures depicting the Stations of the Resurrection, Via Lucis (Way of Light),  in any of the churches in Sabah. There may well be one in Sabah, somewhere. But not that I know of.

A little titbit of information that I dug up while I went about writing the Passion of the Cross of Sacred Heart Cathedral.  That the Resurrection of Christ is not associated in anyway with the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven after the resurrection. In fact, just after Christ had risen from the dead, he appeared to many people over a period of 40 days before his return to heaven (Ascension). Phew! Now that’s something new you learn everyday.

Here’s another one that you should know. Easter’s date corresponds roughly with Passover, the Jewish observance associated with the Exodus. Now, that’s a straight quote from Wikipedia. I am not to blame if that information is completely incorrect. And how about that, eh? If the three major Abrahamic faiths can reconcile with one another, we may be just about to solve half of the world’s problems. That’s something to look forward to, is it not? Well, one can always hope and go about dreaming one’s dreams. No harm in that, eh?

Now that Pascha is here, get ready for Eastertide (great Lord’s Day). Fifty more days to go till Pentecost (the descent of Holy Spirit), also related to Jewish harvest festival of Shavuot, by the way.

For those of you getting so faddish with Easter eggs and Easter Bunny at Easter time, sorry to disappoint you, those practices are not the normal happenings over here in Sabah. So, get yourself some fattening chocs before flying over here for the festive celebrations.

As mentioned earlier there is a Station XV depicting the risen Christ. However, it is not officially included in the traditional Stations of the Cross. So I have decided to follow tradition and not use the statue of the Risen Christ. Instead, the entombment of Christ is used here, a station just right before the Resurrection of Christ.

Station XIV

Entombment of Christ ©

I know it is Easter Sunday and it’s only appropriate to use the images of the Resurrection of Christ. But, how about I make you a deal? You get yourself over there to Sacred Heart Cathedral and see it for yourself in its true form and  glorious technicolour. Not a bad deal, eh? After all, sacrifice is the main theme of this Holy Season.

** The above image has been rehashed and bears no resemblance to its original form.

** Sacred Heart Cathedral- off Jalan Tengku Abdul Rahman, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

** In the process of writing up the Passion of Christ articles, we base our information almost entirely on Wikipedia so that there is no accusation of partiality on our parts. And, if there are any mistakes or errors of  information, blame them on Wikipedia- the sacrificial lamb.

** Some opinions expressed here are in no way meant to be offensive. We do not profess to know all the answers to the world. Just a passing comment, that’s all.

a Happy Easter to  You all


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