Kampung Soronsob, River Kadamaian

Riverine Hamlet

This has got to be one of the best and scenic country roads in Sabah. It really does give you a sense of being transplanted to the Middle Earth country.

The best kept secret location that Sabah has tucked away, away from over-commercialisation. What you see is what you get. Words just do not quite describe the feelings inside me. So often when a place is opened up and touted as a tourist attraction, it is inevitably over-hyped and commercialism slowly does creep in. What you get in the end is an overpriced and over-commercialized place with nothing worth seeing except holidaymakers trampling all over the place fighting for a vantage view. Well, this is one that’s been¬† thoroughly neglected by the tourism people. Great! Fantastic! That’s the way I like it! Keep it that way, mates!

River Kadamaian ©

Kampung Soronsob is on the A1 road (shown on the top right of the picture) to Kota Belud town from a side road just off Tamparuli town. Google it and you shall find it. Lest you are mistaken, the mountain in the picture is not the famed Mount Kinabalu. It is another mountain that I don’t quite yet have a name in hand. It will come to me somehow. Yes, I’ve got it! No, can’t quite put a pin on it. Sorry!

*Kampung is the local lingo for village.


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