Edible Architecture- IPEX Show 2011

Kota Kinabalu 2011- 3rd Prize

Edible Architecture competition at the ‘IPEX 2011 and Ideal Home Show’. Seeing is believing.

Themed “the Colours of Our City”, the competition was open to all the secondary schools and tertiary institutes.

The following entry is from the Asian Tourism Institute, which won them the third prize of  800 ringgits. 800? Cheapskate. What can you get for 800?

Kota Kinabalu 2011 ©

Quite frankly, it looks just like all the other birthday cakes I have seen every time I attended a birthday party.

Another point that brought to mind after having seen the local artistic creations, what’s wrong with the architectural firms having a competition of their own? Are they so petrified of being judged. C’mon, be a man! Let us see your handiwork. We need more competitions, not less. We need to progress and move forward. No more holding of your hands. No more jerrybuilt.

IPEX 2011 and Ideal Home Show was held at Sabah Trade Centre over the Easter holiday. Another exhibition venue would have been better.

First runner up here.

Grand Prize winner, here


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