Edible Architecture- IPEX 2011

Dreamland City- 2nd Prize

Welcome! Hop in and take a ride to the Biscuit City of the future.  Advancing to the next prize winner of the Edible Architecture competition as happened at the IPEX 2011 & Ideal Home Show.

Seeing is dreaming.

This entry was submitted by the SM All Saints secondary school. For that, they were rewarded with a miserly 1000 ringgits. Hard to make ends meet over here. Sky high cost of living with rock bottom pay rewards is a recipe for disgruntlement.

Dreamland City ©

Pity there was no Architectural Design competition for the local architects. Too embarrassed to show their mediocre designs, I suppose. I myself am  embarrassed if they keep on coming up with dull and dreary artifacts. Talk is cheap! No more rhetoric every two years. You ain’t no politicians. Leave that to the crafty ones. Move your butts! Jeez, too many crawlers in Sabah.

The Edible Architecture competition was held at the Sabah Trade Centre as part of the IPEX 2011 & Ideal Home Show over the Easter holiday.

Second Runner-up winner can be viewed here.

Grand Prize winner, here.

Hopefully, we will get some extraordinary outputs the next time around from the construction industries. We will not accept mediocrity anymore!

You are welcome to prove me wrong!


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