Seascape of Tanjung Aru

Through the Woods into the sea of love

A fine romance in the sea of Tanjung Aru.

A scene of Tanjung Aru beach through the lens of a story teller.

Romancing My Love ©

Were you to have come from a cooler region, you would have loved to lap up the sun & sea with gusto. But for us here, well, it’s brolly time. Whereas for me, I am soaking up the breeze in the wood. Not much of a fan of the sun. Never was and never will.

At this beach you can get a tan in no time (literally in an instant). I saw that happening right before my eyes with a friend who was from Britain and , funnily enough, didn’t take to the sun like a duck to water. It proves the phrase ‘Mad dog and an English man’ is just a phrase and a nonsensical generalisation at that; and down the drain it goes.

Tanjung Aru beach is the locals’ all time favourite. A white sandy beach it is not. For that, you will need to get to the islands dotted around KK town. Or, alternatively, get to Pantai Dalit in Tuaran or Pantail Manis in Papar (the latter is not recommended due to coastal erosion). However, Tanjung is still a passable, no frills beach

Tanjung Aru beach has endured the onslaughts of property developers and politicians through the years. It is still left standing as never before. But for how long? One indisputable fact about the place is the diverse range of exotic bird species taking root in the area. If you have a pair of keen eyes, you may just catch glimpses of some feathery friends long thought to have vanished from the place perching on top of some majestic trees. And this is not a difficult feat to perform. A pair of binoculars may just do the trick

If you haven’t been to Tanjung Aru beach, you ain’t been to Kota Kinabalu yet!

You may also like to to hop onto the second beach.

2 responses to “Seascape of Tanjung Aru

  1. …Tanjung Beach has been experiencing beach erosion after a storm that rushed the water up the shore and pulled down several trees along with it. At Tanjung beach is the only place you can find zebra statues looking at you smiling The sun was scorching hot in the afternoon but never daunting a group of anglers patiently waiting for fishes to take their baits.

    The Tanjung beach is obviously not the same as the Tanjung Aru beach. Zebra statues?


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