Edible Architecture- Ideal Home Exhibition

Green Future for Sabah- Grand Prize Winner

Announcing the gold medalist of Edible Architecture competition as held at Sabah Trade Centre in the IPEX 2011 & Ideal Home Show over the Easter holiday.

Seeing is greening the future

An obvious winner this one is as the Sabah Institute of Arts is also an architectural college. So, no surprises there. For that, they picked up a cash prize of 1500 ringgits plus the honour of being inducted into the Hall of Fame of Sabah Architecture. Not much to boast about there though, I am afraid.

Choosing the Yayasan Sabah Rotunda and its surrounding areas for the theme of Green Future is a bit of an awkward pick, don’t you agree? That place is like a concrete jungle/maze. Granted, it did say ‘future’. So, we shall let it pass.

Green Future for Sabah ©

Here’s to a better future for Sabah. Be proud of your own profession. ‘The best is not good enough’ will surely take us to places and soar to a greater height. Strive for the Best, Always!

Thrid Prize winner, here.

Second Prize winner, here.


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