Tanjung Aru Second Beach

Typically Tropicana Borneo

This is one mean beach you would rarely hear any mention of.

Let’s be honest here! It’s actually part of a stretch of beach stretched into three. Collectively they are referred to as Tanjung Aru beach.  And for the locals’ convenience & ease of referring to for rendezvous purposes, they name them first, second and third beach. Easy. Now you know where I am, right? And where am I?

That’s correct. The second after the first.

The second beach is situated just right after the Prince Philip Park. It is a self -contained park. There is a food canteen on the site as well as a roller skating rink. Except the rink has now fallen into disrepair due to lack of maintenance culture being drilled into the local authorities here.  They prefer to lay the blame squarely on the public for any defects that may occur as a result of years of neglect. We may well one day do without any local councils if everything can be self-maintained forever. Better still, we may well do without any government if all humans can be well-behaved and full of unselfishness. Cut out all the costs & expenses of governing. Wouldn’t that be nice? No taxes to pay. And no overbearing bureaucrats to breathe down on your neck. Of course, that is not possible; but it’s nice to dream on.

Tanjung Aru Second Beach ©

The second beach can be quite a nice quiet spot to be in except during the weekends.

For more info, please go here. They are all the same beach and can be reached along the same shoreline.


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