Asian Rugby Sevens- Women Rugby II

Borneo Rugby Sevens- the Rough & Tumble

Rugby Sevens as happened at Likas Stadium from 23-25 Sept.,  2011.

The tackle………………

Women Rugby Sevens ©

…………… And the Touchdown!

Tonga v Malaysia

What’s the score, mate?

Embarrassingly low for Malaysia

42-0 to Tonga

If rugby can keep the suspense on for just long enough, I am sure it can be a popular and exciting sport. As it is, I am afraid not. Too frequent start-n-stop spoils the fun. Watching cricket gives me that same feeling. My mind tends to wander away looking for just that little bit more interesting thing to do.  I know you groupies would disagree with what I have just said. You are entitled to your own opinion, my dear. It’s no skin off my nose. (<:

Rugby Sevens for the men, here

Rugby Sevens for the Women I, here


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