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Tanjung Aru Second Beach

Typically Tropicana Borneo

This is one mean beach you would rarely hear any mention of.

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Oriental Pied Hornbill in Flight

The Orient Express of Borneo

Unravelling the mystery of a fancy bird. Getting to the bottom of a jigsaw puzzle. The final revelation to be unveiled. Come on in!

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Maliau Basin- The Land that Time Forgot

The Lost World of Sabah

Revealing the secret of Sabah’s treasures hidden away since time began. Some fantastically gorgeous pictures in the Daily Telegraph of UK, here. Be there! Or be dumb!

Petronas Towers and Maxis Building

A portal to the sky, A door to the infinite

A quote, supposedly from CĂ©sar Pelli, the architect of Petronas Twin Towers.

And so here we begin a tour of the twin towers of Kuala Lumpur, the colonial administrative headquarters, also goes under another name of Federal Administrative Territory of Malaysia.

Taking a break from all the fancy birds we’ve been goggling at .

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Seascape of Tanjung Aru

Through the Woods into the sea of love

A fine romance in the sea of Tanjung Aru.

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Kampung Soronsob, River Kadamaian

Riverine Hamlet

This has got to be one of the best and scenic country roads in Sabah. It really does give you a sense of being transplanted to the Middle Earth country.

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Sailing at Tanjung Aru

It’s Not Far Down to Paradise

Sailing as a pastime. That’s my dream to be fulfilled one day before I die.

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