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Oriental Pied Hornbill in Flight

The Orient Express of Borneo

Unravelling the mystery of a fancy bird. Getting to the bottom of a jigsaw puzzle. The final revelation to be unveiled. Come on in!

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An Avian Flight

Taking a Mohigan Dive

Onward journey into the flight of a Mohigan bird. Peeling off the layers one by one of a mysterious tropical bird.

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Flight of a Long-billed Avian Species

Flight of A Mohigan Bird

A great revival of a bird species. And it’s in flight.

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Orchids of Borneo

Symbol of virility

Or, Symbol of Delicate Beauty

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Borneo Orchid Show 2010

órkhis- Greek Tragedy

Look up the meaning of the word and you will agree it is a Greek tragedy of immense proportions.

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Wild Duck

Like A Duck To Water

Quack! Quack like a duck! 

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Turkey Impostor

Turkish Delight

A generic variant of the Turkey bird

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