In a word- Visualisation

Other Posts / Images you may be interested in

1. a la mode Legendary Creature Drager

2. Adam- AF3

3. Stacy- AF6

4. Petronas Twin Tower

5. Murut Ritual Dance

6. Ritual Dance of Boreno Murut

7. Murut Shaman of North Borneo

8. Panorama of Centre Point & Asia City

9. Police Marine Base, Kota Kinabalu

10. Kota Belud Girls

11. Dance Fusion

12. Face Changing

13. Pavilion KL Crystal Fountain

14. Lotus

15. Golden Statuette in Kuala Lumpur

16. Dragon Dance

17. Kota Kinabalu On Air

18. Mongigol Sumundai- Dance of the Rungus Tribal Clan

19. Lion Dance

20. Henan Acrobats

21. Harvest Festival- Tadau Kaamatan

22. Mount Kinabalu By the Sea

23. Mount Kinabalu In Close Up

24. Murut Headhunters

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