Petronas Towers and Maxis Building

A portal to the sky, A door to the infinite

A quote, supposedly from César Pelli, the architect of Petronas Twin Towers.

And so here we begin a tour of the twin towers of Kuala Lumpur, the colonial administrative headquarters, also goes under another name of Federal Administrative Territory of Malaysia.

Taking a break from all the fancy birds we’ve been goggling at .

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An Avian Flight

Taking a Mohigan Dive

Onward journey into the flight of a Mohigan bird. Peeling off the layers one by one of a mysterious tropical bird.

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Flight of a Long-billed Avian Species

Flight of A Mohigan Bird

A great revival of a bird species. And it’s in flight.

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Edible Architecture- Ideal Home Exhibition

Green Future for Sabah- Grand Prize Winner

Announcing the gold medalist of Edible Architecture competition as held at Sabah Trade Centre in the IPEX 2011 & Ideal Home Show over the Easter holiday.

Seeing is greening the future

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Seascape of Tanjung Aru

Through the Woods into the sea of love

A fine romance in the sea of Tanjung Aru.

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Edible Architecture- IPEX 2011

Dreamland City- 2nd Prize

Welcome! Hop in and take a ride to the Biscuit City of the future.  Advancing to the next prize winner of the Edible Architecture competition as happened at the IPEX 2011 & Ideal Home Show.

Seeing is dreaming.

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Edible Architecture- IPEX Show 2011

Kota Kinabalu 2011- 3rd Prize

Edible Architecture competition at the ‘IPEX 2011 and Ideal Home Show’. Seeing is believing.

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