Yep! That’s us, the people

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1. US 7th Fleet in Kota Kinabalu

2. Adam- AF3

3. Stacy- AF6

4. Karate Girl

5. Murut Ritual Dance

6. Ritual Dance of Borneo Murut

7. Murut Shaman of North Borneo

9. Murut Keningau

10. Korean Cultural Dance

11. Flash- Primitive Bond Art Festival

12. Primitive Bond Art Festival- Flashdance

13. Korean Cultural Dance- Buchaechum

14. Kota Belud Girls

15. Man of the River Bank- Tatana

16. Lotus Dancer of Primitive Bond Art Festival

17. Kota Belud Girls and Dance

18. Fusion Dance

19. Golden Statuette in Kuala Lumpur

20. Orang Cocos

21. Mongigol Sumundai- Dance of the Rungus Tribal Clan

22. Henan Acrobats

23. Harvest Festival- Tadau Kaamatan

24. The Borneo Enigmatic Bride

24.  Murut Headhunters

25. Tourists

26. Chinese Acrobats

27. Paparazi of Borneo

28. Mr. Borneo 2010

29. Borneo Bride- the Nuptial Pose

30. The Enigmatic Borneo Bride

31. Slovenian Choir

32. Carmina Slovenica

33. Carmina Slovenica Night

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